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Periodontal (Gum) Disease

By the age of 45, over 80% of Americans will have some form of periodontal disease, which is a bacterial infection that gradually destroys the tissue that supports your teeth.

Dental plaque is the primary cause of gum disease in genetically susceptible individuals. Bacteria in plaque produce toxins or poisons, which irritate the gums and cause them to turn red, swell, and bleed easily. If this irritation is prolonged, the gums separate from the teeth, causing pockets (spaces) to form.

Periodontal (Gum) disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and has also been linked to stroke, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, pregnancy issues, and other serious health concerns. Therefore, bleeding and/or receding gums are not a condition to ignore.

Some Warning Signs That Can Signal a Problem:

Regular dental checkups and periodontal examinations are very important! The treatment methods that our dentists diagnose will depend upon the type of disease and how far the condition has progressed. Good dental care at home is also essential to help keep periodontal disease from becoming more serious. If you think you may be developing gum disease give us a call today at (717) 466-6655 or schedule an appointment with us online!